This is a Level II style Postnatal Strength, Mobility and Cardio class designed for mom's that feel ready to add more load, resistance, cardio and complex movement patterns into their postpartum movement routine. 

You will require a set of 5 and/or 8 lbs weights, a loop resistance band, comfortable clothing you can move in, a yoga mat if you have one.

This class is suitable for mom's that are past the early stages of postpartum, understand their breath to core and pelvic floor connection and feel ready to take their postpartum movement up a level to a higher intensity with both lower and higher impact cardio options offered. 

Beth smiling while standing in front of a red brick wall

Hi, I'm Beth McIvor

Beth discovered yoga in her early twenties and for the past 15 years has continuously been drawn back to movement in all forms. She is a movement student for life and is currently studying and applying sustainable and functional movement in her life.

She is passionate about working with women and believes that movement and the opportunity for accessibility, education and empowerment through movement is important and valuable.

Beth is in constant awe of the female body; it's strength, resilience, differences, similarities, patterns and habits that make every body unique. She is equally as interested in the mind, the power of the mind and mental health as it pertains to mother’s in all stages of life and motherhood.

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